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If you are looking for medical equipment suppliers, you came to the right place.

Goldstar Medical sells new, used and refurbished medical equipment for doctors, clinics, hospitals, labs and other professionals in the healthcare industry. Whether you need to buy used medical equipment, or you want to sell medical equipment, we can help you.

Goldstar Medical is the San Diego medical equipment company you can trust. Founded in 1998, Goldstar Medical is one of the most trusted, respected and leading names in the industry.

Family owned and operated, Goldstar Medical is located in the San Diego, California area (Oceanside) and we ship anywhere in the US. We have hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the United States.

Medical Equipment for Sale

Our goal is to simplify your decision by providing a complete line of new, reconditioned and refurbished medical equipment as well as a comprehensive line of supplies.

With the raising costs of the Healthcare industry, more and more hospitals and clinics are buying used medical equipment, saving thousands of dollars in the process. Browse and Buy New & Used discount Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies, & Hospital Equipment .

DefibrillatorsEKGElectrosurgeryPulse OximetersFetal Monitors and more medical equipment for sale.

If you are a doctor or manage a health clinic or hospital, call us today at (760) 967-6453. We will be happy to help you find what you need for your business. And if we don't have it in stock, we can get it for you! We have hundreds of satisfied customers that have been doing business with us for many years, simply because they love our service and our prices.

According to Wikipedia, Medical equipment is designed to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions. Feel free to browse through these pages to see some of the quality refurbished and used medical equipment we have for sale.



Our Products

    - Anesthesia Machines
    - Gas Monitors
    - Vaporizors
   -  Audiology
    - Stress Test Systems
    - Treadmills
    - EKG
    - ICG Monitors
   -  Colposcopes
  -  Defibrillators
   - Battery Chargers
   - Dental
    - Electrosurgery Units
    - Leap Systems
    - Hyfrecators
    - Smoke Evacuators
    - Cameras
    - Camera Consoles
    - Light Sources
    - Flexible Scopes
    - Rigid Scopes
    - Video Processors
  ENT (Ear/Nose/Throat)
    - Ear/Nose/Throat
   - Surgery Microscopes
    - ECG
    - NIBP
    - Fetal Dopplers
    - Fetal Monitors
    - Cryo Guns
    - Infant Scales
  Physical Therapy
   -  Physical Therapy
  Pulse Oximetry
    - Pulse Oximeters
    - Infusion Pumps
    - Suction Pumps
    - Compression Pumps
    - Radiology
    - Spirometry
   -  Sterilizers
    - Surgery
    - Headlamps
    - Training Ultrasound
  - Vascular
  -  Misc