Medical Equipment Designed for Cardiovascular Care

Posted on: 22 May, 2011 Posted in: Medical Equipment for Sale, No Comments

Anyone who goes to an emergency room with chest pains needs immediate cardiovascular evaluation. Timing is crucial when doctors are dealing with heart attacks and strokes. The medical equipment needed to diagnose the problem must be readily available and must be working properly. A person’s life hangs in the balance. The information received from the hospital equipment will be used to decide the course of treatment.

The doctors will immediately perform an EKG on the patient. Blood work will be drawn and several medical devices will be connected to the patient to monitor their blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels and respirations. Each piece of equipment is necessary to insure that the medical services provided to the patient are the best they can be.

Most doctor offices also have an EKG machine on hand. Patients who complain of chest pain, pain in the jaw, neck, back or shoulders may be given an EKG to determine the possibility of cardiovascular activity.

Many offices even have treadmills designed to perform cardiovascular testing. Sometimes a patient has recurring complaints of cardiovascular pains and difficulties. These may include shortness of breath, or the inability to perform daily activities that require them to stand for long periods of time. The doctor will order a treadmill test to see how the patient does when their heart is put under stress. They will hook the patient up to several medical devices to keep a clear record of how the patient’s different vital signs change during the test. These tests and procedures are crucial in helping the doctor decide how to treat their patient.

The equipment is crucial as well. The medical equipment must work properly. The doctor needs to have several pieces of medical equipment so he can perform tests on more than one patient at a time. Often these doctors purchase used hospital equipment for their offices. This refurbished medical equipment is in excellent working order, and the company that sells it will stand behind the quality and functionality of the used medical equipment for sale.

As a cardiac patient this provides you with more opportunities to have your cardiac events documented accurately. This is critical to your care. Each doctor and hospital must stock medical supplies and equipment to treat their patients. By purchasing what pieces they can refurbished they cut their costs. They will also be able to charge their patients a little less.