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Defibrillator by Physio Control LP-12
Defibrillator by Physio Control. Model LP-12

Physio Control LP-9P
Physio Control LP-9P

Physio Control LP-10 Defibrillator

Burdick DC200 Defibrillator

Hewlett Packard XL+ Defibrillator
Hewlett Packard XL+ Defibrillator


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Defibrillators deliver a therapeutic dose of electrical energy to the affected heart. These popular machines are available in many places because they can save a life in an emegency and are fairly easy to operate, even with little or no training.

There are different types of defibrillators. Manual external defibrillators are usually used along with electrocardiogram readers which can help determine what charge to use. These units are available in hospitals and ambulances and require more knowledge to use.

Manual Internal defibrillators are used by surgeons and the charge is delivered through internal contact with the heart.

Automated external defibrillators
Very simple to use, they analyze the heart's rhythm and then lets the user know whether a shock is required or not. These units are available in many places like government buildings, some train stations, universities, shopping centers, stadiums and as we mentioned before, movie theaters.

Wearable cardiac defibrillator
These are portalbe units that are worn like a vest and monitors the heart 24 hours a day, automatically delivering a shock when needed.

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