Endoscopy - Light Sources

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Welch Allyn Xenon 300 Light Source
Welch Allyn Xenon 300 - comes with headlamp

Welch Allyn 48740Light Source with Pipe Light

Dyonics XL Light Source
Xenon Smith & Nephew Dyonics XL Light Source

Light source Olympus CLK-3
Light source Olympus CLK-3

Olympus CLK-4 Light source
Olympus CLK-4 Light source

Cuda M2-150T
Light source for Head light. Cuda M2-150T Universal

Pilling Surgical 150 watt Halogen light source. Model 529317
Pilling Surgical 150 watt Halogen light source. Model 529317

Applied Fiberoptics Brite Lite lll Xenon Light Source

Medtronic Sunoptic XLS 300-watt Xenon

Luxtec Lux 1150 Light Source

Pilling Weck 100-Watt Xenon

Stryker-X6000-300-Watt Xenon
Stryker X6000 300-Watt Xenon

White Sun XL 300-Watt Xenon Light Source

Pentax LH150A Light Source


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